ATA's Traveler's Utilities

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Check monthly average high and low temperatures and monthly precipitation for Virtual Mexico cities.

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City: Month: 
Select a city and a month, and the climate stats will show below.
Average High: °F.    Total Precip.:  inches.

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Some Metric Conversion Calculators

Mexico, like Canada, uses the metric system. Land is described in hectares, area of homes in square meters, distance in kilometers, and gasoline is sold by the liter. These conversion calculators can help make the numbers meaningful to Americans. 
  Sq. Mtrs:Sq. Ft.
    Liters:U.S. Gal.
  Fahren. :Celcius
The current price for Magna-sin (unleaded) gasoline in Mexico is 3.15 New Pesos per liter.
US$/gal.:  Pesos/liter
Enter a value in one of the fields, then click on the "< >" button to see the result in the other field.   

Dollar to Mexican Peso and Peso to Dollar Conversions.

The conversion buy/sell rates used here were obtained Sept. 10, 1998.

U.S. $:Pesos.
Can. $:Pesos.

Enter a value in the one field then click on the "< >" button to see the result in the other field.   

Translate a few words and phrases from English to Spanish and vice versa.

English to Spanish
Spanish to English

Select a line of words/phrases in either window, and the equivalent line in the other language will be highlighted on the horizontal box immediately after the list.