(only member hotels are being rated)


Ability and willingness to deal with Groups
Not every hotel has sufficient rooms to deal with large groups, and some hotels don't want to deal with groups.
 All hotels with gold stars love to receive your groups.

1. Amenities
We assess - either through visits of one of our scouts, or through feedback received by guests - the overall appearance of the hotel.

2. Location
Minimal travel time to places of general interest, restaurants and shopping malls is a plus in our rating system.
3. Comfort
Comfort is King! Ratings are based on the general quality of the stay.
4. Service
Friendly and efficient check in / out, friendly operators and easy access to other services distinguishes a good hotel from a terrific hotel.

5. Value
Did you get your monies worth?

    Five stars are given to hotels that fulfill all of the criteria listed above.

        Four stars are given to hotels that fulfill 4 of the five criteria listed above

           Three stars are given to hotels that fulfill 3 of the five criteria listed above.



It is of utmost importance that the facilities, the common areas as well as the rooms themselves are clean at all times. Any hotel that does not conform to our cleanliness standards is being notified of such complaints looses it's gold star rating and receives a red star rating until the shortcomings have been corrected.