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Mount Tamalpais, near San Francisco, California


I'm very grateful to Jeff Price, the Chief Ranger, California State Parks, Marin District, who informs me that the correct pronunciation of "Tamalpais" is "Tam-ul-pie-us". Jeff points out that most people just say "Mount Tam".


Mount Tamalpais, quite a significant mountain, is located near the southern tip of the Marin Peninsula, the northernmost of the two peninsulas which nearly enclose San Francisco Bay.


The drive to the summit of Mount Tamalpais is via a fairly narrow, winding but good quality paved road, and is rewarded by a really excellent view over the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz and the cities of San Francisco and Oakland - on a clear day.

Derivation of the Name

I'm aware of two theories regarding the derivation of the name Tamalpais:

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