Joshua Tree National Park, California


In southern California, southeast of Los Angeles, north of I-10.


When Joshua Tree was a National Monument it had an area of 875 square miles. I suspect that its area was increased when it was upgraded to a National Park. For comparison, the size of the English county of Cheshire is 899 square miles.

What to See and Do

Joshua Tree National Park, recently upgraded from a National Monument, is at the place where the Mojave Desert and the Colorado Desert meet.

In summer the intense heat and dryness of the desert contrast with the normally relatively cool and overcast weather of Los Angeles.

All the main roads through Joshua Tree National Park, including the through road from I-10 to Twentynine Palms and the spur road to Keys View, are paved.

Highlights of the park include the Cactus Garden, Keys View, the various weird eroded rock formations and of course the Joshua Trees themselves, which derive their name from the way their branches resemble Joshua with arms upstretched in the Bible.

Some Ideas for Places to Stay

There are several convenient medium sized towns in the area which would form suitable places to stay, for example Indio on I-10.

In the Area


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