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All You Can Eat Buffet Restaurants in the USA and Canada

There are a number of "all you can eat" buffet restaurant chains in the USA. These include the Kings Table and Royal Fork chains. Many years ago we also encountered a similar chain called North's Chuck Wagon in Oregon and Washington State but it may no longer exist. There are probably other chains.

The all you can eat buffet restaurants, especially popular with senior citizens, offer a huge range of items. Customers serve themselves at long food bars which in most cases can be visited as many times as desired for one fixed price. Some items such as cuts of meat may be limited. A visit to one of these restaurants is highly recommended, if only for the experience. They tend to offer excellent value for money, but you need to be really hungry!

Many of the steak restaurant chains and chains such as Shoney's feature all you can eat food bars; you can usually opt to go for steak, steak and salad bar or salad bar alone. I believe that the various seafood restaurant chains tend to be similar.

Fast food chains offering all you can eat salad bars at most of their locations include Pizza Hut, Arby's (although their main focus is roast beef sandwiches) and Wendy's Hamburgers. In some cases, especially Wendy's, the price will vary depending whether you choose "one visit" or "multiple visit".

Many of the casinos in Las Vegas and similar gambling resorts offer very cheap and very plentiful food in their restaurants as a means of attracting custom. 


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