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California: Introduction


163,707 square miles.

Furthest North to Furthest South

770 miles.

Furthest East to Furthest West

370 miles.

Population Density

182 per square mile.

Licence Plate

Background: White.

Image: The sun on the horizon.

Text: "California - The Golden State".

State Road Sign

A rounded green triangle with a white border. This is a stylised representation of a miner's shovel (from the California Gold Rush of 1849).

Derivation of Name

California was named by Hernan Cortes after an imaginary island in a popular Spanish novel of the time.


The Golden State.


Eureka: January high 54F, July high 60F.

Fresno: January high 55F, July high 98F.

Los Angeles: January high 67F, July high 83F.

Needles: January high 63F, July high 108F.

San Francisco: January high 56F, July high 64F.

Yosemite: January high 45F, July high 90F. 
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